Nairobi Timetraveller

We don’t see enough black time travelers in these whitewashed Sci-Fi streets… Ironic for a race that literally BIRTHED our civilization. Representation may seem like a buzzword but believe me… The power of symbols and language are not to be underestimated. 

Does anything feel better than seeing someone like you in a space (see what I did there?) you never thought you’d fit into? That a whole world of opportunities to wander about and lust over can be opened for you by one simple image?

That’s who the “Nairobi Time Traveler is. A symbol of something bigger. A dreadlocked black man surrounded by chaos and texture. Everything is electrical and glitching.. the trees, the clothes, the jewelry even the air is crackling!

Time travel is so cool but few points in history would let Jeremy exist let alone thrive at all so we glitched up the world around him because…. Well the system is mad glitchy but through it all he and his dreadlocks are unphased… Rebelling the very laws of space and time.


Photographed by; @_Shitanda_
Edit by; @kvmli
Model; @jeremykimbo
Creative Directed by; @Kvmli
Styled by; @Kvmli
Make- Up by; @nirbasbeauty