who is beda?


It all started during the height of Covid19, when businesses were closing and institutions that we all thought would last forever started going bankrupt. It may seem like an odd time to start an online magazine, but looking around we realized that if the lawyers and the engineers were struggling, what about the painters, photographers and makeup artists? The creative economy in Kenya has so much diversity, but without any support, it seemed like everyone had just been left to fend for themselves.

That’s how BEDA started. We don’t just want to be industry leaders, we want to create a space where we can grow our skills, be our own creative directors and grow as a team. Everyone on our team from the stylists, to photographers, to painters, to MUA’s to writers can explore their ideas in a collaborative way and with full support and guidance through interactive workshops and capacity building initiatives.

Everything we do at BEDA, from the articles we write to the visuals we produce are backed by a push to deconstruct norms and find new ways to question, and to inspire that questioning in others. We don’t just want our readers to passively consume, we want them to debate and engage in a meaningful and thoughtful way, which is why we are very research driven in our work. We always strive to ask; but what if you look at this in this way?


We are committed to telling African stories so we can form an artistic community that is inclusive, multidisciplinary, and invested in igniting complex and nuanced conversations.

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